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Marketing & PR Services in Cape Town | *Astragraphix
Astragraphix can provide you with a full service marketing & PR solution encompassing the following tasks

» Corporate ID

Each and every organisation requires a corporate ID. This needs to be created with relevance to the organisation as well as the various target publics, and should be easily recognisable. Determining what the organisation stands for and what should be achieved through this is of vital importance. We can take this process right from concept to creation and finally implementation.

» Branding

Branding is so important for an organisation, in terms of exposure and awareness of the organisation. Branding therefore needs to be consistent and prominent. Determining what the brand stands for and what the organisation is wishing to achieve is crucial. Branding assists in creating the organisation's culture. We can assist in this creative, vital task.

» Events Management

We will take the event right from concept to creation, taking care of all aspects involved in the particular event. These events range from conferences, road shows, trade shows, entertainment events, talks and seminars to adventure tours, end of year functions and media events.

» Media Liaison

Dealing with the media is a crucial part of any organisation. The organisation needs to stay in touch with the relevant media at all times, in order to ensure good relations, publicity for the organisation, as well as to inform them of any promotions, events or breaking news regarding the organisation. We will perform this task for you, with the help of our solid long-standing media relations.

» Press Releases

Most organisation's rely on media coverage and awareness in order to achieve the set out goals and objectives of the organisation. This is often achieved through media coverage in the form of press releases. We can draft and distribute these press releases, be it for community, regional or national newspapers, magazines or online publications.

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